A half day in Porto – from the shore to the river

Feb 20, 2019Porto

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For the third year, Porto Business School (PBS) asked us to organize a tour around Porto to their visiting students from Institut Supérieur Textile d’Alsace (ISTA)

The schedule is tight with busy days in northern Portugal, visiting textile and fashion companies, we didn’t have much time to explore the city.

Our goal is to give them the reel feel of Porto and help them enjoy their time off in town.

Porto Shore

PBS is only a 7-minute drive from the seaside, we decided to start from there. A first stop at ‘Castelo do Queijo’, with a beautiful and overwhelming view of the Atlantic Ocean. Driving along the seaside and enjoying the relaxing view of the ocean we are heading against the tide and towards the riverside.

Downtown and historical center

We hopped off the bus at São Bento train station and went in. Everybody was amazed by the tilling and the history of the building. The Cathedral was our next destination. From there, we started walking down towards Ribeira and the Douro river, through the sinuous medieval streets of historical Porto.

Porto is a stunning city but we could not skip Ribeira and not cross the bridge, towards Gaia and finish the visit without a glass of Port wine. As we crossed jaws started dropping at the sight of the most beautiful view of Porto!

The port wine

As this was the students’ day off, we believed that starting with a relaxing drive was the best option. From the city center to the river is a fun walk and they can experience the lively streets of the city and end their day on the riverside with the most stunning view of the city, after a port wine tasting experience at Burmester port wine cellar!

Enjoy the best Portugal tours with us, and experience a unique country!



Portuguese music

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