Pão-de-ló – Portuguese Christmas magic in a sponge cake!

Dec 24, 2019Northern Portugal, Portuguese culture and lifestyle

Christmas eve. A day spent with family and friends, preparing all the succulent delicacies that will fill our Christmas table. We’ve taken you on a guided tour of our traditional Christmas shopping, but there is one indispensable item missing: pão-de-ló!

Pão-de-ló 1 on 1

Smooth, sweet, yellow dough. Made from eggs, sugar, and flour. As simple as that! Pão de ló is a sort of sponge cake. So, what’s so special about it?! The number of eggs used and the baking time!

Kids love it! It’s sweet but not too sweet. It’s soft. And it’s effortless to chew. And this sticks to your memories!

Pão de ló de Margaride

It is THE place to buy pão-de-ló. Margaride is a small village in Felgueiras, on the outskirts of Porto. There’s this beautiful house (factory) where you can find the best Pão-de-ló. It all started as a small business at the beginning of the 18th century.

As the word spread, so did their success. In 1888 the Portuguese Royal House appointed them as official suppliers. As you can see on their stamp, which certifies the quality and authenticity of their product.

One of the best things about the Casa de Pão de Ló de Margaride is that you can schedule a guided visit and witness the process and experience the tradition. The building is quite beautiful, and the production room has fantastic floors!

We do recommend the visit! All tours are free. If you want to taste their products and a Port, there is a small admission fee. Totally worth the extra!

Now that you’re ready to enjoy a Traditional Portuguese Christmas let us share a secret with you: cut a slice of pão-de-ló and a slice of mountain cheese. Put one on top of the other. Take a bite. Close your eyes and enjoy. We are sure that this is a combination made in heaven!!!

We wish you a happy holiday season! And we hope we can meet next year, for your holidays in Portugal! Remember: wherever you want to go, we can take you there!



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