Douro harvests and autumn enchantment

Oct 22, 2018Douro, Northern Portugal

Take a chance and be part of a tradition: Douro harvests.

This is our challenge for you! Come and visit the Douro region. Take part in the harvesting process and witness the arrival of autumn. It will be a once in a lifetime experience.

September is the month of the harvest. There’s not a set date for its start. It all depends on the weather conditions throughout the grape ripening months.

The Douro valley slopes – mostly composed of schist soil – fill with people picking wine grapes. Then, transporting them in baskets to the trucks. And then repeating the process all over again.

There’s always a fruity and earthy smell in the air. You can hear people singing traditional songs while working. The bond between those who come to harvest the grapes is a bond for life. It is sealed with wine.

The Douro is the oldest demarcated wine region of the World. During the Douro harvest season, several estates have special programs. Grape picking, wine tasting, wine dinners, boat trips, and even grape stomping. At Douro harvests, we still use very traditional technics for the winemaking process.

Tradition is a key word when it comes to the Douro harvests. Drive along National Road nr 222. Vineyard workers, grape trucks, wine lovers. These are the people you will cross paths with. You will witness a secular process.

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We live in an era of technology. Almost every mechanical process performed by men has been replaced with machines. Not in the Douro. Wine and Port winemaking are like a religion and we take it very seriously. And the truth is that our wines taste so good because winemaking is viewed as an art form.

The Douro valley transforms itself during the harvest season. But it also becomes an enchanted place when autumn comes. Driving through this region when the leaves are changing colors is absolutely breathtaking.

If you are a fan of landscape photography, you will be speechless.

Red and purple. Yellow and orange. And brown too. These are the predominant colors. All these make the Douro valley even more beautiful and give it an aura of enchantment.

The Douro valley is the place to be. Connect with nature and meet the locals. Learn about traditions and experience great meals and wine.

Did you know that there are legends of Moorish princesses, knights, and witches? Along the Douro valley, you will find true stories of enchantment which contribute to the richness of your visit.

One of the best experiences you can have is a simple chat with the villagers. You will learn about history, traditions, and legends from those who keep them alive. Nothing better than word of mouth to keep traditions alive.

And the best of it all is…we can take you there.

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