Visit Portugal a country of tradition and warm smiles

May 17, 2019Center of Portugal, Douro, Lisbon, Porto, Sintra

Visit Portugal, a small yet extraordinarily rich country. From North to South, land, buildings, and people perspire tradition and a welcoming atmosphere. You’ll be received with arms wide open and an honest smile.

There is plenty to explore and experience. From the historical sites to the regional gastronomy, including the blend of new and old architecture, cultural events and the daily life, you’ll find a country where living is easy and where you’ll fall in love, over and over again, for Portugal, the people, and life


Porto is well known around the world as the Port wine city. But there’s a lot more to it. Historically the city played a very important role. From the Conquest of the territory to the Moors, the provision of supplies for the Discoveries, the victory over the Napoleonic army to the Liberal dispute, Porto was always an important and strategic city for national history. These are just some examples.

Its charm comes from its greyish beauty. A city of granite, where you can still find the medieval historical center almost untouched, where you can admire monuments designed by Nasoni, Eiffel, Siza Vieira, and Souto de Moura, where you can enjoy a glass of Port wine with a view to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Cities, where you can taste some of the simple yet savory dishes in the world.

There are some spots that you cannot miss: Clérigos Tower, Ribeira, Palácio da Bolsa and it’s Arab room, D.Luís Bridge. There is plenty more to see. And Porto is definitely a city to explore. From the riverside to the ocean. 

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Visit Portugal and not exploring the Douro Region is like going to Rome and not visiting the Vatican. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a wine lover. We are positive the landscape will take your breath away and make you fall in love with one of the most beautiful and visited wine regions in the world. On the other hand, if you are a wine lover, this is a mandatory visit to your travel schedule.

The Douro is a magical place. The landscape changes dramatically throughout the year and so does the atmosphere!

If we had to choose the best time of year to visit the Douro valley, we would recommend the harvest season, in September.

This is an experience in itself. Driving along the roads and admiring the slopes filled with ripe grapes and the people harvesting them, transporting the baskets to the wineries and witnessing the whole wine production process is something that should be on your bucket list. And it’s a wish that we can easily help you make come true!


Heading south, Óbidos is a wonderful stop on your trip. A medieval village, full of narrow streets, medieval ruins – the fortified walls and the castle -, great gastronomic experiences and color. It’s a visit that will awaken all your senses.

Óbidos village was conquered by King Afonso Henriques, our first King, and founding father, in 1148. No visit is complete without a walk along the historical walls. But be careful, as there are no safety railings and if you’re not careful enough, you’re in for a hard and heavy fall!

Make sure you don’t leave before having Ginjinha, a natural handmade sour cherry liqueur. It can be served in a glass or in a chocolate cup. How much of a sweet tooth are you?!

Apart from the village itself and it’s history, there are a couple of events that transform Óbidos into a more delicious and enchanted place: the International Chocolate Festival (April/May), the Medieval Market (July) and Óbidos Vila Natal (Christmas Village) (November-January).


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and one of the most lively cities in Europe. It’s a city of history, culture, tradition, romance, and mystery. Lisbon is like a diamond: it has a lot of facets. And to add up to all this, its light is incredible!

If you’re planning on walking around town, put on your most comfortable shoes and be prepared to go up and down the seven hills. Wander the streets, visit the monuments, take the time to have a coffee and a ‘pastel de nata’ in one of the many charming terraces with a view, visit the many museums – we have a personal favorite: Gulbenkian Foundation.

If you’re a fan of gastronomic experiences, there are traditional Portuguese food restaurants, Michelin stars restaurants, fusion restaurants.


On a thirty minutes drive from Lisbon, you will find the enchanted village of Sintra. Breath in and let the fairy-tale-like atmosphere set in. Colorful palaces, Moorish castles, luscious parks and plenty of court intrigues wait for you. It’s an architectural delight.

Sintra has an aura of romance, intrigue, and mystery. The Pena National Pak is home to hundreds of species of plants from all over the world. There are plenty of monuments to visit, like the Moorish Castle, the Pena Palace, Sintra National Palace, Capuchinhos Convent – totally worth the visit but only reachable by car! – and the village center.

Take the time to watch the sunset at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe. Grab a warm coat as it is always windy and it can get very cold as the sun sets.

Portugal has plenty to offer, from paradise-like beaches to gothic cathedrals, from lively cosmopolitan cities to small almost deserted villages. North to South, East to West you will be amazed by the richness of our culture and traditions.

Visit Portugal! We can help you discover and explore this amazing country, by the Atlantic Ocean!



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