Cork the genuinely Portuguese material

Jan 31, 2019Portuguese culture and lifestyle

Cork is a material that is present in our everyday lives. Especially in Portugal. It has been for centuries. Cork is not only used to produce corks but also used in construction and clothing and accessories production.

Take a couple of minutes to learn more about its uses and our country.

Cork: where it comes from?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak. The first harvest usually happens when the trees reach 25 to 30 years. The second, 9 years later. But that cork is not suitable for bottle cork production. The on the 3rd harvest (and the years after that) is suitable for all uses.

Cork is harvested every 9 years after. The oak harvesting can last up to 150 years. Each tree will be harvested around 15 times.

Oaks are special trees and cork is a 100% natural plant tissue so the harvesting process is very delicate. Only trained professionals harvest the bark.

Cork is harvested every 9 years after. The oak harvesting can last up to 150 years. Each tree will be harvested around 15 times.

This harvest is done using an ax. The person performing this delicate and precise operation has to know what pressure and force to apply when cutting the bark not to damage the tree.

Cork and history

At Convento de Cristo (Tomar), the window at the Chapter Hall is decorated with several elements carved in stone. One of them is a cork oak tree, in connection to the use of cork in the Portuguese discoveries caravels.
Monks new that cork was a good isolation material, making the rooms more comfortable. A good example of this knowledge can be found in Capuchos Convent, in Sintra, where the cells and other common facilities are lined with cork.

Portugal is the world’s main cork producer, responsible for more than 60% of the entire world’s exports. When traveling in Portugal, especially in the Alentejo region, you’ll be able to see that the cork oak tree is one of the most common trees in the landscape.

Pelcor: tradition, innovation and sustainability

Pelcor is a Portuguese fashion and lifestyle brand. It develops sustainable yet trendy and innovative products. Its primary raw material: cork.

Pelcor understands the need to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. When it comes to cork oak trees, the regular bark extraction contributes to its natural regeneration. Then, the cork is transformed into fashionable and innovative products that can help you live a more sustainable and trendy life.

What else can you ask from a brand when it makes you look good and helps you take care of the planet?

We know there’s one question going through your mind right now: why should I choose Pelcor? We asked ourselves the same question. And they have the answer: ‘like everything in nature, no two Pelcor pieces are exactly alike’.

Pelcor’s products go from bags, shoes, hats, tech accessories, home, and pet accessories. They care about transforming the traditional cork look into stylish and contemporary objects. Attention to detail is key regarding their production process. Hence the uniqueness of each product.

It all started in 2003 with an umbrella. An umbrella made of cork. This product is, to this day, one of their bestsellers. Pelcor became a brand with an umbrella. Innovative, water resistant and environmentally friendly umbrella.

You can find Pelcor in Portugal, in Lisbon, in their brand store. And around the world, in selected stores, in Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, South Africa, Angola, the United  States of America, Cape Verde and China. You can also order online.

At Pelcor, there’s a concern not only with the environment but also with the customer’s needs. All products are designed taking into account the clients everyday needs.

Pelcor’s mission ‘is to sell each product with its history, promoting and showcasing this renewable material as an alternative for a more eco-friendly lifestyle’.

The brand has been certified as a vegan brand by P.E.T.A. (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) in 2016. In 2014 the American Chamber of Commerce presented Pelcor with the prestigious Am Cham Tribute Award for striving to build closer ties between Portugal and the U.S.A.

Our Pelcor favorites

Looking at Pelcor’s collections, we want to get everything from the catalog. But we decided to make a top five. Based on our needs, as we’re travelers, here’s our must-have list

Cashew Holdall With Pelcor Patches: a very comfortable travel bag, to carry your clothes and basic products

Deer shopper or Afro Shopper: spacious shopper with an adjustable shoulder strap, perfect for every situation in our daily lives.

Sneaker hitop lace: sneakers in premium cork skin with unexpected high-quality details.

Card Phone Case: case in natural cork skin, hard shell and an exterior slot for cards.

And with these Pelcor products, we’re eco-friendly, stylish and ready to take you wherever you want to go!



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