5 River Beaches in Portugal

Aug 1, 2019Portuguese culture and lifestyle

Summer in Portugal is not only about the sandy beaches in the South – we’ll write about that soon! It’s also about exploring the interior of the country and being astonished by the beauty and majesty of nature. 

As temperatures rise and we all love a good swim, we decided to take you on a small tour: a river beaches in Portugal tour. Get ready to visit some of the coolest and charming beaches in Portugal. If you’re a watersports lover, this might be the right tour for you!

Fraga da Pegada River Beach

Located in Macedo de Cavaleiros, in the northeast of Portugal, Fraga da Pegada River Beach has recently been nominated the best river beach in the country. On the shore of the Azibo dam, you can enjoy one of the most peaceful sceneries and swim in the cool waters of the Azibo reservoir. 

Fraga da Pegada is one of the two river beaches in the area. For the last 16 years, water quality has met the highest standards and the support infrastructures help making it a mandatory stop. This is the perfect spot for a fun relaxed afternoon, with friends and family, for watersports lovers and for those who just like to read a book. 

There are two other things that put it on our list: the average water temperature is about  22ºC / 71ºF and good access to people with reduced mobility!

Fraga da Pegada river beach

Alqueirão River Beach

Gerês. One of the most well-known and amazing National Parks in Portugal. Alqueirão River Beach, in Terras de Bouro, is one of the many, located in this area. In honest truth, this is the most beautiful of them all and the best for families!

Surrounded by nature, with clear water and several watersports activities for adults and youngsters, this spacious river beach also gives you the chance to go for a swim in the warm waters of the Caldo river (meaning ‘warm’ in Portuguese).

Don’t forget you’re in Gerês National Park. There’s plenty to see and do if you’re a nature lover: trails, waterfalls, water sports, mountain sports, family walks. The landscape is breathtaking. And you’re only an hour away from Porto.

Piódão River Beach

Piódão is one of the most beautiful villages in the country and is on the list of Historical Portuguese Villages. Charming and charismatic, surrounded by nature, Piódão looks taken from a book of wondrous tales and adventures. 

The landscape is unique: shale houses on the slope of the mountains arranged as an amphitheater, narrow streets and a river beach just ‘in hand’. Piódão is located in the heart of Serra do Açor. It is, to this day, an isolated village, a fact that has largely contributed to its conservation.

Piódão river beach

Reconquinho River Beach

Only an hour and a half drive away from Porto, in Penacova, Reconquinho’s River Beach is easily accessible and will welcome you with a green natural landscape! As you approach the river beach you’ll be able to appreciate the surrounding scenery: lush vegetation, cool waters, and a bridge. If you’re brave enough, you’ll jump in the water from there!

The bridge also connects you to the pedestrian trails around the Mondego river, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a walk in nature. If you’re more into water activities, you can rent a canoe and explore the river, taking the time to appreciate the natural setting.

As this is a perfect place to spend a day in the sun with friends and/or family, prepare a meal and take advantage of the picnic area. If you’re taking time off on domestic chores, you don’t have to worry about the meals: there’s a cafe where you can have a light meal.

Reconquinho river beach

Loriga River Beach

Loriga River Beach is located in the heart of the Serra da Estrela National Park, in the Loriga glacial valley. Yes, glacial valley. Serra da Estrela is known as one of the few mountains in the country where it snows.

Have you ever went for a swim in crystal clear waters coming from a spring up in the mountains? Yes, the water is cold. Very cold! But imagine the incredible surroundings. Mindfulness will be the keyword: a peaceful and serene place, where you can keep your mind away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you’re into hiking, this might be a good destination: go for a hike and end your day with a swim!

Loriga river beach

We know safety and comfort are two important features when deciding to spend a day out in nature and going for a swim. All the river beaches on this list have parking lots, are accessible and have a lifeguard on duty (during the summer season).

When it comes to landscapes, Portugal is a rich and diverse country. Treat yourself with a tour off the beaten track and explore the most amazing sceneries. We can take you everywhere!



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