Obidos – The medieval village

Jul 14, 2018Center of Portugal

Obidos is one of the most charming and well-preserved villages of Portugal.

The narrow colored streets, the old fortified walls that encircle the village and the balconies decorated with flowers makes Obidos one of the most interesting places to visit in the Center of Portugal.

Obidos main entrance – Porta da Vila was commissioned by King D. João IV to thank the protection of Our Lady of Piedade during the restoration of independence in 1640. Also, admire the beautiful tilework added later in the 18th-century that ornaments the gate.

Following the gate – Rua Direita is the main street of Obidos leading to – Praça de Santa Maria the village’s most important square.

Here we find some of the most important attractions like the Santa Maria Church or the 15th-century Pillory that tells the story of a mourning Queen.

Apart from the souvenir shops and the temptation to taste the Ginginha, Obidos cherry’s liquor, stroll the narrow flowery side streets and pay attention to the village colors and details.

The castle and its walls are the village´s postcard and indeed it was an important conquest by our first king and founding father D. Afonso Henriques in 1148. Today the castle is converted into a Pousada and guests can overnight or have a meal inside a 14th-century building.

The walls that surround the whole village of Obidos are walkable, taking you about an hour to walk the entire path.

Watch out as there aren´t safety railings along the way and we recommend extra caution while visiting and taking pictures especially with if you are traveling with children.

Obidos tour highlights video

Apart from the natural beauty and incredible heritage Obidos is a living village as there is always something going on. From the numerous events all year long we highlight two

  • The International cholate festival takes place every year and it´s a feast for the senses. Not only you can taste the best chocolates but also admire the most incredible constructions made of chocolate pieces.
  • The Medieval market when the village hosts hundreds of actors, characters, and activities take you on a journey back to the medieval ages.

The proximity to Lisbon makes Obidos a wonderful option for half day tour and if you travel with a small group a perfect place for a couple of nights one step away from the Portuguese capital.



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