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Top 5 Douro hotels

Top 5 Douro hotels

The Douro is, without a doubt, a mandatory destination when visiting the North of Portugal. The vineyards, the Douro river meandering through the valleys, the wine tastings, the traditional gastronomy. These are the main reasons to visit the Douro region. To top it...

The Serralves Foundation

Porto’s inhabitants have a very close relationship with the city. Not only the city itself but with some specific places. Serralves is one of them. It’s a love-hate relationship with this structure.  It’s a museum and a park. The Museum is in the list of the most...

Moorish Heritage in Portugal

Portugal (and the Iberian Peninsula) was, for centuries, occupied by different peoples, with distinct cultures and religions. From the Roman to the Celts, going through Moorish occupation and being conquered back by the Catholic, all of them left their mark on the...

Popular Festivities in Portugal

Portuguese like to celebrate. We all like to get together with friends and family, eat, drink and dance. If there are fireworks involved, that’s the cherry on top of the cake. Popular Festivities in Portugal happen especially in the month of June. They are the perfect...

Jewish Heritage in Portugal

Nowadays Portugal is a country where communities of different religions live in harmony and without major upheavals. Nevertheless, we all know that the Inquisition ruled in Europe and Jews were persecuted. As we are now free from that persecution and cherish history,...



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