About us

Lusitania Experience is all about immersion. We want to make you (our guest) feel at home, no matter where we take you or where you stay.


Our goal is to give you a taste of what it feels like to belong to a country, even if you are visiting it for the first time. 


We are a travel agency specialized in receiving small groups and focused on offering travel experiences in Portugal and Spain. We go above and beyond to give you unique travel experience, allowing you to know what the Peninsula best has to offer, sharing with you our passion for this little corner of the world. 


At Lusitania Experiences, attention to detail is a rule. We fit our offers to your needs and demands, much like a Taylor does when making a suit for his clients. 

Your wishes are our command. Let us know what your expectations, must-see destinations, and goals for your visit are, and we will present you with a tailor-made program to suit your demands.


Lusitania experience is a registered trademark owned by the company Treasure Domain – Viagens e Turismo, Lda., a travel agency (Tax number 513 104 224; RNAVT n.º 6155 RNAAV n° 591/2014) based in the city of Porto, Portugal.