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We carefully select hotels according to location, service and style. We pay particular attention to the comments and rates of previous guests expressed.

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We will work just for you. At our sightseeing tours, we typically work with small groups, allowing both freedom and full personal attention.


Based in Portugal, we are the ideal companion to show you the peninsula. Check one of our guides section, so you can visit Portugal or Spain in depth and have a remarkable experience.


5 River Beaches in Portugal

Summer in Portugal is not only about the sandy beaches in the South - we’ll write about that soon! It’s also about exploring the interior of the country and being astonished by the beauty and majesty of nature.  As temperatures rise and we all love a good swim,...

Castle of the Moors

When visiting Portugal, you’ll notice a large number of ruins, from different times. From castles to churches, palaces to villages, there is plenty to discover and explore. Portugal is a very rich country, historically speaking. The Castle of the Moors is one of...

6 Restaurants in Porto

Visiting Portugal implies that you are a food lover! It is impossible to ignore the gastronomical traditions and the influence the food has on the Portuguese people. In Porto, this is almost a mandatory feature. We all have childhood memories that include our...

Top 5 Douro hotels

The Douro is, without a doubt, a mandatory destination when visiting the North of Portugal. The vineyards, the Douro river meandering through the valleys, the wine tastings, the traditional gastronomy. These are the main reasons to visit the Douro region. To top it...

The Serralves Foundation

Porto’s inhabitants have a very close relationship with the city. Not only the city itself but with some specific places. Serralves is one of them. It’s a love-hate relationship with this structure.  It’s a museum and a park. The Museum is in the list of the...

Moorish Heritage in Portugal

Portugal (and the Iberian Peninsula) was, for centuries, occupied by different peoples, with distinct cultures and religions. From the Roman to the Celts, going through Moorish occupation and being conquered back by the Catholic, all of them left their mark on the...

Popular Festivities in Portugal

Portuguese like to celebrate. We all like to get together with friends and family, eat, drink and dance. If there are fireworks involved, that’s the cherry on top of the cake. Popular Festivities in Portugal happen especially in the month of June. They are the...

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