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Bread and its history at Museu do Pão

Bread has been part of our daily lives for centuries. And in Portugal, bread is one of the bases of our nutrition. There are still some villages where the making and baking of the bread involve the community. In Seia, near Guarda, there’s the Bread Museum - Museu do...

Pão-de-ló – Portuguese Christmas magic in a sponge cake!

Christmas eve. A day spent with family and friends, preparing all the succulent delicacies that will fill our Christmas table. We’ve taken you on a guided tour of our traditional Christmas shopping, but there is one indispensable item missing: pão-de-ló!Pão-de-ló 1 on...

Traditional Portuguese Christmas Shopping

Christmas is usually a time of joy for family and friends. Traditions are essential, and Christmas shopping is also part of the ritual. In Porto, there are a couple of places that are mandatory on your Christmas shopping route. 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.'...

Saint Martin’s traditions

Just as the autumn and the cold weather sets in, Saint Martin comes to warm our hearts and bellies. Chestnuts are the fruit of the season and new wine is ready for tasting. The leaves on the trees are changing their colors, the wind reminds us of that winter is coming...

Serralves Tree Top Walk

Serralves is one of the most well-known places in the city of Porto. The  Foundation is the home of two museums - the Contemporary Art Museum and the Villa -, the Park and the Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira (dedicated to the Portuguese director). There’s a new...

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